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    Archfiend hits Spotify and iTunes

    Archfiend is up on Spotify and iTunes!


    Archfiend released

    Well it is finally here! Archfiend has been released! You can find it right now at my bandcamp page. It will hit the other stores (and Spotify) in a few days. Of course you can listen to it for free on my Soundcloud as well. Also, if you plan on buying it, my bandcamp page offer "pay-what-you-want". That means it is free.. if you want it to be. I hope you like it!

    Next up is the release I've been working with alongside Archfiend, Lucid Reality. That one will be much more of an ambient sounding story featuring a lot more of the analog modular. I hope to present some samples soon, but I've learned my lesson on Archfiend. I will no longer give any promises for release dates, except when it's getting real close.

    Stay tuned, and listen to Archfiend! I hope you'll like it!


    New audio interface, the work can continue

    It's been a while, again. Almost a year. My audio interface collapsed shortly after I announce the next EP. Now I have gotten hold of a Liquid Saffire 56, and the masterpiece can be completed. I'm aiming to release it 1/11, but I give no promises this time. Sorry about this..


    New EP on the way

    It's been a while. I've been busy with other projects for some time now. But I'm glad to finally reveal that I'm currently working on my next EP. I can't say much more right now, but I'm aiming to release it in the beginning of 2015. Stay tuned for an upcoming preview!


    Not dead yet

    Hey guys! I'm not dead, don't worry. The re-mixing of 'Death of a Video Game Hero' have been put on hold for a while. I have some other stuff that need to be worked out before I can focus fully on the music. But it will come, in a not too far away future.

    This is what's up right now:
    - I have completed school and can now call myself an audio engineer.
    - I have a few tracks half-finished that I don't know what I should do with. Maybe I release them with the new version of 'DoaVGH'. We'll see!
    - I'm starting to learn more about my modular synth and fooling around with the few modules I have. This is what came out of it today:
    I'm looking forward to include this machine into my music!

    So I'm not dead, even if I haven't written something here in almost four months. Check my soundcloud for random tunes from time to time!

    Well, that's it for this update. Stay tuned!


    Music down from online stores

    In 2-4 weeks, my music will be taken down from online stores, including Spotify. I've learnt so much in school and think I can do a better job. So in about 3 months everything will be re-mixed, re-mastered and re-uploaded again. I will also try to get a new release out shortly after this!

    You can still get the original copies from my Bandcamp at half price, but there will be better sounding versions of everything out soon. And of course you can still listen on Soundcloud as usual. Stay tuned, new times are coming!


    Playing around with my new toy

    Just a test run of the basic modules!


    Martin Blaze - Intoxicated (Remake)

    I recived this remake by Martin Blaze and decided to give him some advertisement! It's made with my idea in mind. Check it out!

    - Listen to Martin Blake's version of "Intoxicated" here!


    Another free track

    Long time no see! There's been too much in school to produce serious tracks. On top of that, my pro on soundcloud went out, so I couldn't upload stuff. But now I have a track for you!

    This is the result of two ideas in one track. I got stuck on the first one and started another song in the same session. I thought none of them was good enough as different songs. So here they are, merged! I had to add a key change in the middle, but I think it worked out well!

    - Download "Merge" from Soundcloud


    Free track from the EP

    Unfortunately, the EP -project ran out in the sand for different reasons.. This track was going to be part of it. This is the only track from it that is somewhat mixed, so you can have it as it is if you want!

    - Download "404" from Soundcloud


    First Ustream test!

    Today I did a Ustream test with a few people, and it worked out great. Now I just need to fix a set to play, and then we're live!

    These are the other things I focus on right now:
    - New EP coming up, but I don't know when. A few tracks are starting to take form!
    - Twitter updated thier stupid code, so my feed on the website doesn't work anymore. As I'm not a web designer in any way, I find it really annoying to rebuild that part of the site, or find a code that works..


    Going back to school!

    Yesterday I started the audio engineering class SAE in Stockholm. That means there will be less music produced for a year now as I will be focusing on the school work. But there will still be some music produced, and hopefully it will sound better and better as I progress though this class! I'm really excited about this and I know it will have a big impact on me, my music and my future career. But still.. stick around for new tracks and hear it evolve!


    Some minor tweaks to the website!

    If somethings looks wrong or doesn't work, please email me at info@mr-envelope.com!


    "Mr. Who?" is featured on compilation!

    "Mr. Who?" is featured on the first free ChipandtripNews compilation! It's a mix of electro, d'n'b, ambient, chillout and another beloved genre of mine - chiptune! Check it out if you want a big mix of music you might not listen to everyday!

    - Download the compilation here!


    Bob Moog Day + free download!

    Happy Bob Moog Day everyone! (Beatport link)

    In other news.. Get the brand new track 'Atlantis' at soundcloud. This progressive house track includes a part wich was the first thing I ever did in Ableton Live, but has fallen deep into the "finish later -folder". Now was the time to bring it back to life. I hope you will like it!


    New track, free download!

    Time for a new track! 'Mr Who?' is uploaded to my soundcloud page and is free to download. Check it out, people!


    Spotify, iTunes and.. Beatport!

    I've added some more links to the footer of the site. Those will be updated when they're active with working links. 'Death of a Video Game Hero' will be up on Spotify and iTunes in about a week. I'm not sure about Beatport but an application has been sent out and I'm just waiting for an answer.

    Now I'll play the waiting game and hope for the best..


    'Death of a Video Game Hero' & New website!

    My first album is now released! 'Death of a Video Game Hero' is 50 minutes long, divided into 9 hard tracks. Read more about it/listen to it at the music page.

    As I release the album I also present you with this new website. I hope everything will work as it should, but one can never be sure..

    Oh, and a happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!

  • Bio

    Who am I?

    My name is Pontus Persson. I was born in a cold winter morning in Sweden, 1990. I've been making music since I was seven years old and started producing electronic dance music in 1999, if you can count "ejay" as producing. I soon emerged into Reason. Back then I made beats and instrumentals for underground hiphop artists. But I always got critique that my tracks was too much synth and not as much "old school", as everyone wanted. So I stopped. After that I've been playing guitar for a couple of bands. I started singing in 2005 in a band that was active untill 2009. We broke up and now I'm back on electronica. Full time. I have always been producing electronic music by my self as a side project to all of the bands but now it's time to take it to a more serious level!

    2010 I started to make chiptunes, using my old gameboy and a cartridge with LSDJ. My music is still influenced by that old 8-bit/analog sound. The tracks was released on the comunity 8BitCollective under the artist name 'Ponton'.

    In 2011 I started working with Ableton Live and loved it. Now I do everything in this amazing program. Record, produce, play live.

    My music!

    I used to try to make music that fit into a specific genre, but now I just do what I think sound good. It's some kind of mix of electrinica, house, dubstep and chiptunes. It has the power of the electronic music you hear today but you can also hear the analog square and sine synths from the chiptune vein in my body in almost every track. And of course there's some wubs and dubs.

    Mr. Envelope.

    "Why an envelope?", you might ask? Well, I mean the envelope of a note. But no one that doesn't know music stuff would know what that is. Therefore I use an envelope in my "Mr. Envelope -man".

  • Music

    The focus on this page will be on the official releases. You can listen to my music in the player to the right in lower quality. If you like it, please see below! If you want to hear shitty random free tracks, visit my Soundcloud.

    No flash player!

    It looks like you don't have flash player installed. Click here to go to Macromedia download page.

    My latest releases

    - Released: 31/01/16
    - Label: BOBAT

    The release that is too little, too late. It contains a longer intro, leading into two brand new tracks made partly made with a modular synthesizer, and 4 re-mixed and re-mastered tracks that was previously released for free on soundcloud.

    - Listen for free: Spotify | Soundcloud

    - Get it here: Beatport | Bandcamp | iTunes | AmazonMP3 | eMusic

    Death of a Video Game Hero
    - Released: 17/03/13
    - Label: BOBAT

    This is my first full lenght album. It's harder, it's angrier, it's louder. And with a better mix then the previous release 'Noise Party EP'. It's a mix of where my chiptune and analog sound meet with electro house.

    - Listen for free: Spotify | Soundcloud

    - Get it here: Beatport | Bandcamp | iTunes | AmazonMP3 | eMusic

    Noise Party EP
    - Released: 21/12/12
    - Label: BOBAT

    My first official release. It's a simple 5-track EP with a hard sound that was mainly used for promotion.

    - Listen for free: Spotify | Soundcloud

    - Get it here: Beatport | Bandcamp | iTunes | AmazonMP3 | eMusic

  • Studio

    Base rig:

    - Main computer:
    Frost Snömachine

    - Audio interface:
    Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56

    - Monitors:
    M-Audio BX5a

    - Headphones:
    Beyerdynamic DT-1350

    What makes the sound:

    - Synths/Midi controllers:
    Akai MPK 49 | Akai APC 40 | Eurorack Modular

    - FX:
    Korg Kaoss Pad 3

    - Software:
    Ableton Live 8 | Reason 4 | LSDJ

    - VST-plugins (mostly used):
    FM8 | NI Massive | Sylenth1 | Ozone 5 | Guitar Rig 4

    - Guitars:
    ESP Eclipse | Ibanez ProLine | Squire Stratocaster | Homebuilt awesome guitar

    - Amplifyers:
    Fender Frontman 212

    - Other:
    Two gameboys for chiptune making.


    What is this?

    BOBAT is my own label that I use to get my releases up on iTunes, Spotify, ect. since I'm not signed with any one at the moment.

    BOBAT started in 2009 as a punk rock band project, but it never came that far due to lack of time. But now it has been converted into a electronic music label, on the rise from the grave.

    What does BOBAT stand for?

    That's the million dollar question!

    Can you sign me to your label?

    Not at the moment, no. But we'll see in the future how things turn out!

    How do I contact BOBAT?

    Use "info@mr-envelope.com" for now until BOBAT has it's own website.

  • Contact


    +46 736 760 610

    Live audio/video


    Stores feuturing my music

    Juno Download


    Niklas Thim (White Bird)
    A Sirens Embrace

    I alos like

    Frost ACM
    Ditto Music
    SAE - School of Audio Engineering